We’ve collected samples of Kurulin Fusion’s music tracks for you to experience right now, and we recommend wearing headphones so you don’t miss the full effect of Nobuo Uematsu’s unique direction on the compositions of J.S. Bach and the wonderful arrangements by Kenichiro Iwasaki.

Track 1: Arcade Mode–Rendition of Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Track 2: Arcade Mode–Rendition of Fugue in G minor

Track 3: Arcade Mode–Rendition of Goldberg Variations 1st Movement

Track 4: Mission Mode–Rendition of Goldberg Variations 3rd Movement

Track 5: Arcade Mode–Rendition of Goldberg Variations 4th Movement

Track 6: Score Attack–Rendition of Goldberg Variations 17th Movement

Track 7: Menu Screen–Mixed Compilation



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Game Basics
  • Fusion Blocks--The square Fusion Blocks trigger "clearing" events and can be combined to form 3x3 structures for super combo scores.
  • Energy Orbs--Arrange like-colored Energy Orbs so that a single clearing event will create a chain of extra clearing events and combos.
  • Clearing--When a Fusion Block touches an Energy Orb of the same color, the two blocks clear along with all the adjacent Energy Orbs of the same color
  • Combos--Fusion Blocks of the same color "fuse" together when they touch. When cleared, fused blocks generate top scores.
  • Chains--When Energy Orbs are cleared, the Fusion Blocks and Energy Orbs of different colors stacked above them will shift downward, and they may create a "chain effect" of new clearing events and extra scoring.

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