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Kurulin FusionKurulin Fusion is an hypnotic blend of color, geometry, puzzle action and a futuristic soundtrack featuring renowned Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu’s reimagining of J.S. Bach. The game is easy to grasp–Fusion Blocks and Energy Orbs annihilate each other if matching colors touch–but Arcade mode and Mission mode offer skill and strategy challenges if you hope to achieve super scores.

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Take a Classic Road Trip this Summer

If Kurulin Fusion has piqued your interest in the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, you might want to check out a live performance of his works at one of the many Bach festivals that dot the landscape every summer. A few U.S. highlights:

Victoria Bach Festival, June 8-12. The eyes of Texas are upon the festival’s 35th anniversary season.

Oregon Bach Festival, June 25-July 11. Lots of J.S, of course, but Verdi, Chopin and Beethoven get play, too.

Carmel Bach Festival, July 17-31. California seaside town famous for former mayor Clint Eastwood goes Baroque.

White Mountain Musical Arts Bach Festival, August 22, 27-29. Pretty mountain village is magnet to Bostonians seeking to beat the heat and get a little cantata action.

If you’re headed to the master’s old stomping grounds, it might seem that Germany has more Bach bashes than soccer clubs. Not quite, perhaps, but performances of his works still attract thousands every year from all over the world. (Japan has many Bach fans, most notably, of course, Kurulin Fusion composer Nobuo Uematsu.) Germany’s most famous Bach festival is in Leipzig, where Bach spent the last 17 years of his illustrious life. This year, the Bachfest Leipzeg runs June 11-20.

And don’t forget to take your PSP with Kurulin Fusion. It’s a great way to while away those long hours traveling.

Kurulin Fusion Gets Silver Award

Gamers Daily News awarded Kurulin Fusion a Silver Award in the site’s recent game review, with an overall rating of 8.0 out of 10. Reviewer Christopher Rick says,

I can sit down to play a quick game for the review and suddenly 15 even 30 minutes have gone by.

Be sure to check out the full review on Kurulin Fusion and visit the other review links to see what the pros are saying.

Europe Gets Kurulin Fusion

Released today, Feb. 11, in Europe and all other SCEE territories. You can get it at the SCEE PlayStation Network for the equivalent price of US $4.99 — less than the price of a cappuccino and biscotti in Rome.

GoFanBoy likes ‘Kurulin Fusion’

Money quote: “Kurulin Fusion has ‘that thing’ that every good puzzle title needs to succeed.” Thanks, guys. Full review

Kurulin Fusion: Tips & Tricks

Exhaustive research at KF World HQ by our dedicated staff have yielded the following nuggets of Fusion Block/Energy Orb wisdom:


1. Try to build 3×3 Fusion Blocks, as these will clear all like-colored Energy Orbs. Tip: Try to build 3x3s of different colors on opposite sides of the screen. And use your holding bin.

2. Pile big, continuous groups of like-colored orbs as high as you can. “Continuous” is the key word here. Leave an easy place to drop a Fusion Block. This is a good way to unleash unexpected chains and combos.


Don’t get cute. Keep your stacks low. Towering columns leave you extremely vulnerable if your opponent raises your stack.

Score Attack

1. In 3-minute mode, you have time to build up elaborate combos and chains.

2. In 1-minute, move aggressively, as you have to make the most of what’s dealt you.

Either way, you can squeeze out a few extra combos with astute use of your holding bin. Have fun!