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GoFanBoy likes ‘Kurulin Fusion’

Money quote: “Kurulin Fusion has ‘that thing’ that every good puzzle title needs to succeed.” Thanks, guys. Full review

Kurulin Fusion: Tips & Tricks

Exhaustive research at KF World HQ by our dedicated staff have yielded the following nuggets of Fusion Block/Energy Orb wisdom:


1. Try to build 3×3 Fusion Blocks, as these will clear all like-colored Energy Orbs. Tip: Try to build 3x3s of different colors on opposite sides of the screen. And use your holding bin.

2. Pile big, continuous groups of like-colored orbs as high as you can. “Continuous” is the key word here. Leave an easy place to drop a Fusion Block. This is a good way to unleash unexpected chains and combos.


Don’t get cute. Keep your stacks low. Towering columns leave you extremely vulnerable if your opponent raises your stack.

Score Attack

1. In 3-minute mode, you have time to build up elaborate combos and chains.

2. In 1-minute, move aggressively, as you have to make the most of what’s dealt you.

Either way, you can squeeze out a few extra combos with astute use of your holding bin. Have fun!

The First Review Is In

Diehard GameFAN scores the first review for Kurulin Fusion, and it’s a great one! D.J. Tatsujin posted his experiences with the new puzzle action game on Christmas Eve, stating,

…Kurulin Fusion gives players an amazing value with solid and addicting puzzle gameplay and a healthy supply of game modes.

We’ve heard lots of early adopters echo D.J.’s sentiments, and we encourage you to read the review in full.