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Uematsu’s Early Musical Influences

Nobuo Uematsu talks to Gamespot. Talk about eclectic musical influences. Nobuo Uematsu fell in love with music as a boy when his sister took him to hear the Vienna Boy’s Choir. He loves progressive rock such as Pink Floyd and collects records by another Bach fan–Elton John.

Say Koo Roo Lin

One of the questions we’ve had to answer since the release of Kurulin Fusion is about the pronunciation of the word “Kurulin”. First, you should know that kurulin means “spinning” in Japanese, which reflects on the game mechanics that involves spinning the Fusion Block and Energy Orb pairs to line up with other blocks and orbs. As for the pronunciation, it sounds like koo-roo-lin. It’s pretty easy. Now that you know how to say it, we strongly recommend saying it over and over wherever you go, and when people stop to ask what you’re mumbling about, tell them about Kurulin Fusion.

Welcome to Kurulin Fusion

Kurulin FusionKurulin Fusion is an hypnotic blend of color, geometry, puzzle action and a futuristic soundtrack featuring renowned Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu’s reimagining of J.S. Bach. The game is easy to grasp–Fusion Blocks and Energy Orbs annihilate each other if matching colors touch–but Arcade mode and Mission mode offer skill and strategy challenges if you hope to achieve super scores.

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