album cover for The Music of Kurulin FusionNobuo Uematsu’s music for the soul

Nobuo Uematsu’s musical compositions from the Final Fantasy games have been leaving game-listeners and concert-goers breathless for years. In his latest project, Uematsu-san has reimagined some of the most famous compositions from 17th century master Johann Sebastian Bach for MTO’s puzzle action title, Kurulin Fusion, which is now available on PSP in North America and Europe. With classical origins and techno stylings, Kurulin Fusion’s soundtrack blends hypnotically with the futuristic puzzle action of the gameplay. It’s so engaging that many fans asked MTO USA to make the soundtrack available separately.

Now available for download!

Now you can listen to the great music of Kurulin Fusion wherever you go and whenever you want on your MP3 player. More than 40 minutes of Nobuo Uematsu’s Bach-inspired soundtrack, including all seven tracks from the PSP game, are available for download in high-definition from the site listed to the right. Just click the album cover and follow the directions. Even more download options will be available soon, so if you don’t see your favorite music source yet, be sure to check back at this page.

The Music of Kurulin Fusion

1.     Arcade Mode   Rendition of Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (9:37 minutes)
2.     Arcade Mode   Rendition of Fugue in G minor (5:45 minutes)
3.     Arcade Mode   Rendition of Goldberg Variations 1st Movement (6:13 minutes)
4.     Mission Mode  Rendition of Goldberg Variations 3rd Movement (7:55 minutes)
5.     Arcade Mode   Rendition of Goldberg Variations 4th Movement (4:06 minutes)
6.     Score Attack     Rendition of Goldberg Variations 17th Movement (3:04 minutes)
7.     Menu Screen    Mixed Compilation (3:36 minutes)